I am definitely recommending Dishion Enterprises if you find yourself court ordered for an ignition interlock and if you have a choice I would go with Joel Corrington as your tech. There are all kinds of hassles that can come up with one of these things - there are a lot of dumb reasons it can lock you out and having problems with it at the wrong place or time can really mess up your life. Joel always returned my calls or texts quickly and helped me work out a solution to any problems. He was flexible if I had scheduling problems and in general made this whole ordeal much more manageable. Thanks !


Matt Mitchell was an absolute pleasure to work with this last year, under the circumstances. He was pleasant, kind, funny and down right amazing to be around at 7 am! I would recommend his service if needed anytime. I hope to never have to do this again but for the service that was provided, I totally recommend Matt Mitchell. Service was always prompt and even sooner when needed. I don'have one bad thing to say when it comes to Matt!

Janelle M.

Matt Mitchell is always prompt not only for my monthly calibrations/download but also any problems that I had ,he would meet me at work and was always available on the phone or by text. My situation was a little bit different because I was dealing with Washington and Idaho I had a problem with Washington
Matt addressed the problem and I successfully completed with his help

Josh R.

A DUI can be a huge weight on your shoulders and having to get an ignition interlock can add to that weight. That said, Matt with life safer is the guy to get the ignition interlock lock installation done quick he's also very kind laid back and dependable with quick response times to any of your questions or needs. Lastly the best part is they are more affordable than most interlocks I heard about before going with them! Thanks Matt!

Shalom H

Micheal Barnes was great to work with and made everything easy and always answered my questions and helped anyway he could. He made the pain of an interlock easier and appropriate that a lot.

Austin G.

Matt was always very kind and understanding and if I ever had an issue he would always get it taken care of right away. Having an interlock isn't the best but it makes it easier with this company

Sammy R.

Michael Barnes one of the gentleman that comes out to my work location is awesome. Doesn't interfere with my job what's so ever so convenient for me. Will say he is super quick on the downloads. -

Maria C.

Britney is outstanding. She made this not so great experience very bearable and comforting. She was always there to help us trouble aroused. I highly recommend this company to anyone. They don't judge and are very welcoming

Shawn R.

No one likes having an interlock in their car, sometimes life happens and you pay for it so here we are. My car was having issues and was at the shop when my interlock was due to be calibrated, I called Mike and told him my situation and he went out of his way to meet me at the mechanic shop and do it for me! He is really nice and easy to work with. Would recommend them to everyone who has found themselves in the same situation I am in. Thanks Mike!

Jessica K.

Getting an interlock system installed is never something you would want to go out of your way to seek out. But if you must have one I couldn't recommend a better company!!! Dishion Enterprises has always gone out of their way to meet me no matter what time or day of the week they always worked with me. I couldn't appreciate a company more they are fast, courteous, and pretty inexpensive given the circumstances. So in all if you must get a interlock device don't waste your time somewhere else go here first!

Bryan J.

Matt Mitchell was amazing to work with! Very friendly, very helpful with any questions I had and was able to work around my crazy schedule for my appointments! I highly recommend this company!! - Jill E.

This interlock company was great. Teresa was my gal and she always accommodated me every way possible. She would take the time to take with me when I had questions and ALWAYS went above and beyond. Also she would meet me at work or wherever I needed on my schedule, and always treated me with the utmost respect. She made the year with my interlock manageable..so thank you Teresa you are truly amazing!!!!

Elizabeth H.

Mike Mitchell is AMAZING!! He has gone beyond his job description to help me with things I need to make our business with Dishion go smoothly.
Thank you so very much with all of your help with the new printer/scanner. (and setting fax and email settings) :)

Kelleen K.

I have had the best, most professional, caring, understanding, and helpful, experience with this company!! Craig was the first interlock technician I had the pleasure of working with. Then Matt took over Craig's clients, and I can not say enough about how wonderful it is has been working with Matt!!! Every month I was greeted with a smile and small talk while the interlock device was being calibrated. Even with the worst of circumstances (DUI), I never felt judged or looked down on! I would highly recommend this company to anyone who finds themselves in a DUI situation!!! Thank you Craig and thank you Matt!!!

Jean-Marie G.

The service tech that I had (matt) was always prompt, helped with any questions that I had and was quick to respond to texts or calls. The unit that was installed failed mid november while I was at a gas station. He got there as soon as he possibly could and got it taken care of. Great personality and would Definatley reccomend! He absolutely made this part of having to have an interlock installed in my car a breeze!

Shelly D.