Ankle-Worn Alcohol Monitoring

Transdermal Alcohol
Device Monitoring

Providing a system of proven technology for ankle worn alcohol monitoring in Boise, ID.

BI TAD is an ankle-worn device that measures ingested alcohol through a sensor that rests firmly on the client's skin. This continuous alcohol monitoring device measures offender alcohol use via vaporous or insensible perspiration passed through the skin.

BI TAD is durable and easy to install on a client's ankle. No client training required and enrollment of offenders in the software takes just a few minutes.

Results generated by TAD stand on their own, no secondary or backup testing is needed. TAD has single source admissibility for court and revocation hearings and has met the Daubert standard of scientific evidence admissibility.

BI TAD may also act as a home electronic monitoring system to detect the absence or presence of a person at home at pre-determined times. This dual functionality - alcohol monitoring and home detention provides a cost effective system of compliance monitoring.

$14.00 per day

Installation may be completed at client location or at our corporate offices.